The flowers at Milwaukie City Hall

I have previously posted photos of the beautiful hanging flower baskets downtown Milwaukie. Now I want you to see the flowers at the city hall. There is a lot of pride in the gardens here and all along the downtown Milwaukie streets.



Here is a close up of some of the above flowers



And another one



Bright, cheerful flowers



I think this flower is especially pretty




Now look closer



Wow, huh? I just finishing reading a book (The Hour I first Believed) where the main character told a couple of stories about the good luck of Praying Mantis.







6 Responses

  1. Great pictures, as usual. I love the orange flower, you know I’ll have it as wallpaper. 🙂

    Did you just love that new Wally Lamb? God what a great book.

    • Thanks Joyce. Once again you are welcome to use any of my photos as wallpaper.
      Yes, I did love the Wally Lamb book but found it to be too ling. I think I would have liked it better if he hadn’t tried to bring everything nto one story.

  2. What great pictures and pretty flowers. That praying mantis on the rose is great.

  3. Great shots!

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