Miscellaneous photos of flowers and plants taken Saturday

These flowers are in a flower bed along Main Street downtown Milwaukie.




This grass is about 4 feet tall, divides a restaurant’s parking lot from Hwy 99 S.


Kind of a wild overgrown garden along the parking lot at The Portland Waldorf School downtown Milwaukie.



Along the edge of the the parking lot separating the lot from the street.



I have no idea what these bushes are but they run the length of the parking lot intermingled with the above flower bushes and a couple of other varieties.




I think that this grass is really pretty.



A couple of Tara’s potted plants



6 Responses

  1. Jackie, beautiful pictures….the new camera takes really good pics!

  2. Those unknown bushes with flowers and fruits are Rosa Rugosa (Beach Rose). The rose hips make a great jelly very high in Vitamin C. They grow all over the dunes here on Martha’s Vineyard, on the East Coast.

  3. I love the yellow flowers – we called them “Black Eyed Susans” in the south. I just love that bright cheery color.

    • Of course they are Balck Eyed Susan’s. I am so bad with names of flowers. I just know that they are beautiful and the names are usually a mystery.

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