Happy birthday to me!

I am writing this Monday night after an evening out with my daughter and SIL. Monday 9/7 was a major milestone BD for me. Many years ago my mother labored on Labor Day and I was the result of that labor the next day. My mother still tells the story of how she almost gave birth to me in the cab on the way to the hospital. Apparently I was a few weeks early and my mother and father were not ready for my mother to go into labor on September 6th even though I was # 3.

I just got home from an overall good dinner at Navarre, a Spanish, French, Italian tapas restaurant in NE Portland. Some dishes just OK others very good and the one pork dish was awesome. Desserts were great. ¾ of my bitter chocolate mousse will be really good tomorrow night. I will definitely go there again.

Ladies, what do you buy your mother for her birthday when she tells she wants nothing and has everything? Is this not perfect? A handbag hook to hang your purse on the table. The one Tara gave me is on the bottom right JE-222. And best of all it really works even with a heavy purse like mine that had my camera in it.




I asked Tara where she wants to go for her birthday dinner in two weeks. She said she had to think  about it. She said Kelly asked her where we were going tonight and she said she couldn’t remember. Kelly asked does your mother ever go to a restaraunt that has “eatery” or steak” in the name? Tara said “nope, it’s my mom so it is fru fru”. OK, but hey it was good!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I actually several friends with the same birthday, so there must be something about that date that makes babies into really good people. Felicidades and I hope it was a great one. Cheers to a fantastic year!

  2. Happy belated! Love those purse hooks, nifty (yes, I just used the word “nifty”). I hope you have a fantastic year!

    • I use the word cool still or again I should say. How old does that make me sound? Thanks for the BD wish.

    • The string of BD is over for a while. I have friends who have BDs on 9/1 & 2, a sister on the 3rd then me. Next is my daughter’s BD on the 22nd. Tara’s BD is when I really feel another year older.

  3. Great idea with the purse hooks. I’ve seen those but would have never thought of that as a gift.

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