What has become a monthly post – Milwaukie Farmer’s Market 9-6-09

Fall was definitely in the air Sunday when I went to the market. It was windy and cool. Still I wandered around and took more photos of the offerings at the market.I got home just before the rain came.  

I just can’t help put take more photos of the beautiful flowers at this vendor’s tent. She has the best variety of the entire market.






 You can’t really tell from the below photo but that flower must have been 6 inches across. It was windy and I had a hard time getting a decent shot of it.



I think this is a pretty flower. There were several colors but I liked this one the best.



I love fresh picked tomatoes. Yum!



This fennel smelled really good.



The blueberries were tasty  mixed in with yogurt for a few breakfasts.



Need a gourd? There were several storage containers full of them.




The next two photos are why I eat breakfast prior to going to the market.


 This booth has some nice plants.



4 Responses

  1. The hydrangeas and hibiscus are beautiful!

  2. What beautiful pictures. I need to go to a farmers market again sometime. It’s been a long time. Looks like you have a great one there.

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