Family fun!

Family fun!

Yesterday my daughter Tara and I went to my sister’s and mother‘s in ST. Helens, OR. My aunt Marion and her boyfriend were visiting from Wisconsin. Marion’s and my niece Erika’s birthday are both October 30th so it was a really early birthday celebration for them. Marion will be 79 on the 30th.

After lunch several of us had game night. We played:

  1. Uno – lots of fun and we all knew the rules
  2. Scattagories – everyone except my 22 year old nephew has played this game. It is fun but kind of stressful since there is a timer ticking.
  3. Some French card game having to do with driving, miles and cars with way too many rules. Three of us had never played before and it was way too confusing. Some of us had to keep saying “watch the language” as there were way too many F Bombs and other cursing at a very high volume. But after all we are the “Loud Family”. I think that is a natural when you have a family with 6 kids and now with many children and grandchildren. Everyone wants to be heard so we crank up the volume a notch or two. One of the categories when we played Scattagories was “things that are loud” and the letter was J. Tara said “Jackie”.
  4. Sushi Roll – a dice and card matching game. It was fun and very exciting. My 22 year old nephew laughed so hard he almost wet his pants. This one I will play again.
  5. Free for all Yahtzee – a little different version of the Yahtzee my family has played forever. My mother is a Yahtzee addict.

My two nieces and my sister have decided that they are going to have a family game night once a month. The first official game night will be next Saturday but I cannot attend since I will be on Isla. But I am looking forward to the one after that. It’s a lot of fun and a great way for the family to do something cheap together.

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  1. I love Yahtzee! When more of my family was around we would play Monopoly & Trivial Pursuit. Now its Yahtzee & Monopoly–we don’t paly often enough. Alan & I are part of a team that competes at the library in trivia contests.

  2. Trivia contest competition? I never knew there was such thing. I would like to play that or at least watch.

    • We have it at our library about 4 or 5 times a year. I can say our team has won at least one game each time ( we play 3 games) every time we have played! We have a moderator & teams of up to 6 members–The moderator asked 20 questions–you work together to answers—whispering—then we exchange answer sheets with another team & correct–if there’s a tie we get tie breaker questions. It’s for fun–the winning team gets $5 gift cert. to an ice cream shop here. it’s a fun night!

    • Ann, That sounds like a lot of fun. Especially with the group effort.

  3. Oh I love games like this. I’ve played that french card game before and for the life of me I can’t think of the name of it. I’m with you though it was too confusing and made me say things I shouldn’t say.

    Game night sounds like a lot of fun.. I hope it becomes a lasting tradition for you all.

    • I kept thinking the name of that stupid game was like Milton Berle so I just texted my niece. It is called Mille Bornes. Means 1,000 miles in French. My niece said that her brother made her teach him it today and now he loves it. Not so much the other day though as he was the one dropping the majority of the F bombs.

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