Whoo hoo! Hot air balloon flight.

Sunday September 27, 2009

About a year ago when I was in Palm Springs I almost went on a hot air balloon flight. I decided not to for two reasons. 1. My knee was still pretty messed up from the two torn ligaments and 2. I did not want to go by myself.

So when I got home from PS I asked Tara if she would want to go on a balloon ride. She said yes. Then about 6 weeks ago I finally decided to call and make reservations for a flight for Tara’s birthday present. (Funny how she gets BD and Xmas presents that are things I want to do).  Tara wasn’t sure if Kelly would go because he is a “scardy cat” when it comes to heights.

We had to be a the launch site by 7:00 AM yesterday morning. We gathered and waited while the pilots decided by blowing up a regular balloon and letting it go to see which way the wind was blowing. They all agreed that we would head south about 25 minutes away to a ranch to take off. We got there and they immediately began to get the balloons ready to take off. The conditions are best early in the morning. There is no waiting around, once the balloon is inflated you get in and it goes.

Our pilot Jon and Casey from Newport who shared our basket. We were in the smallest basket with the smallest balloon. One of the crew members flew with us so there were only 4 plus Jon in his separate section.

We will be right behind you.

More to come on this awesome flight and spectacular day later this week.

5 Responses

  1. Looks like it was a great time!

  2. Oh my, I don’t think I could do that! Looking forward to the rest of the pictures. You picked a great day for it!

    • Joyce,
      In tomorrow’s blog I say that the pilot told us several times it was the perfect day. Also there is a link to my Webshots photo album of the flight.

  3. This is the funnest thing. Mom and I did a Hot Air Balloon ride in the Amish country in Pennsylvania back in 2001. I’m a fraidy cat of heights (mainly roofs and ladders). I still loved it and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

    These are great pictures.

    • It’s the ladders that my SIL is afraid of. He did fine though in the balloon. He was ready to chicken out a few nights before. I think he really liked it. Kelly is not one to express too much excitement when he likes something but Tara told me today he said it was great.

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