Leaving on a jet plane…

Off to Isla before the crack of dawn tomorrow. I checked in online with Continental and upgraded to 1st class. My original ticket price was pretty  low for flying from PDX so the upgrade was so worth doing for 7+ hours of flying time. Continental does a good 1st class.

I am so ready for vacation. It has been a really long week. The weather has definitely changed to PNW fall this week. Beach, sun, good food and fun is going to be so welcomed.

I may post depending on my wireless internet options. The internet provider I used in April has gone out of business as did one of the restaurants I used.

3 Responses

  1. Have a Great Vacation!

  2. Hi Jackie

    We are planning on moving to Merida in July, 2011.

    We have been going to Isla on all of our trips since 2004 – staying at Posada del Mar and at Sabina’s Eclipse apartment on on Dec. 2006 trip

    Get in touch when you get back to Portland.

    • I have come across your blog before. I think Merida looks like a really interesting city. Not sure if I would want to live right in that big of a city though.

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