A room with a view

or in my case an office cubicle with a view. My office moved to a company owned building about one month ago. I did most of the planning and coordination for my group so I picked my cube before anyone else. I picked the NW corner because it had the best windows (2 since it is a corner) and nice views. My office is located in a building that sits behind the Benson Hotel on the corner of Park Ave and Stark ST to Oak ST downtown Portland.

My cube for the previous four years in the old building was an internal cube with no window. Even if I had a window it would have been looking across the street at the parking garage.

I took my camera in to the office Monday to take a photo of a new employee for his company badge/id  and decided to snap  a few photos of my view. Even with the filthy windows they didn’t turn out too bad. I need to take photos on a nice, clear sunny day when I can see even more of the west hills and more of the bridges and a peek of the Willamette River.

PA190001 (1024x768)





PA190003 (1024x768)

PA190002 (1024x768)


PA190006 (1024x512)

2 Responses

  1. It’s nice to have a view outside from your office. I used to work in a building with NO windows and we’d go on the internet to a web cam to see if it was raining. I’m happy to say my desk at home has a window I can look out.

    Great Photos by the way.

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