Office rant – who cleans up after you at home?

There used to be a sign in our other office’s kitchen that said “Your mother doesn’t work here so clean up after yourself.” When we moved three months ago that sign did not make it to the new office. I wish it had. Maybe I just need to make a new one.

I want to ask my co-workers:

  • What does your kitchen look like at home?
  • Are drawers and cabinet doors left wide open all day?
  • Do dishes pile up in the sink for days, while the faucet drips a soft “plink, plink, plink” into a bowl with the remains of an oatmeal breakfast hardening in it?
  • Are coffee spills left in little puddles on the counter tops and floor? Are there coffee grounds on  your counters?
  • Does the microwave look like something exploded in it, then got baked well past its desired cooking time?
  • How does your refrigerator look and smell? Are foul-smelling microorganisms growing on food that expired months earlier?

Come on people we are all adults. Remember your mother doesn’t work here. I may be the one that usually buys the dish soap, sponges and dish washing thingy but I am not going to clean up after you.

Another office rant is “If that was so important to print why the hell didn’t you pick it up off the printer?” People print things and they sit for days or weeks before someone (usually me) tosses them in the recycling box. Hello people we live in Portland the “greenest city ” in the USA.

OK, now I feel better.

3 Responses

  1. have the same problem where I work–my pet peeve is people that don’t put a new roll of toilet paper on–they just set it on top of the holder!

  2. “People print things and they sit for days or weeks before someone (usually me) tosses them in the recycling box”

    You need a Happy Helper! We have a lady where I work that cruises the the fax, printer, copier circuit. When something prints out, she grabs it, thoroughly reads it to make sure she sees every bit of information that is NONE of her business, then rushes it to the desk to whom it was intended.

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