Oh man what a day

Denise and I took the 11:30 ferry to Puerto Juarez  today to go shopping for our apartment. We called Adriana, a taxi driver that Denise has used before on recommendation of our friends Jeri and Steve of La Vida Dulce. The going rate of private taxi service is $10 US per hour. First was toTelebodega to look for a TV, fan, a futon or couch and misc. stuff. We spent a ton of time there sitting on almost every futon and couch. We decided on a tv but at the last minute after our ticket was written up we backed out on the Tv deciding we really don’t watch enough TV on the island to warrant buying a 32″.

Next we went to lunch at Pescadora y Cockteleria Coyote a very local’s seafood place in a colonia. Delicious camarones of three varieties were ordered by us. Denise and I were the only gringos there out of at least 30 tables of families and working class people.

Next we went to Chedaraui were we purchased many more times. Finally we went to (yikes) Walmart and spent a couple of hours there. We finally got to Gran Puerto and took the 9:30PM back to Isla.

What a long but productive day purchasing most of the items on our list.

5 Responses

  1. WOW – almost like a job!! A full 8 hours of power-shopping:-))

  2. Wow.. I just got back from Isla a few days back. I hope you have a good time down there.

  3. Sounds like lot of work, but will be worth it in the end!

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