Mi apartamento en Isla Mujeres

After the long shopping day last week we finally have everything cleaned up, unpacked and somewhat organized for now. We need more storage units, some shelfs and other miscellaneous items. A quick trip to Walmart is all that I am willing to make. No marathon shopping next time. We are hoping that the man who has rented another one of the apartments will trade us one of his two single beds for our extra full size. If he does we will make it into a day bed with cushions for the back. That way we can use it for a couch as well as a guest bed.

The apartment although very basic is ours. I like knowing that I can leave most everything here when I go home and it will be here the next time I return. 

It was a bitch putting this wardrobe together but it works fine


Basic but clean bano


Living room area


Dining area in to kitchen


Fridge we bought from Inge, works great and is spotless


Need some shelfs and pareos to hide the under the counter storage space

7 Responses

  1. Looking like an island home! Congrats on keeping your wits about you and not overdoing it. You have a place to sleep on the island. That’s how islenos see it too! Bienvenidos!

  2. Looks great! I’m sure it will take a few trips to Walmart or from hme with stuff to make it the way you want–but that’s fun!

  3. The ‘list to bring from home’ never ends, but it’s all fun. Congratulations and I hope you both enjoy your new home!


  4. That’s awesome… looks like you need to pay a visit to Alejandra’s Mom and get some more pareos for those windows! LOL I know what you mean about dragging stuff down every trip… we bought a condo in Florida a few months ago and I’ve been down there 3 times now and each trip I go to Goodwill and buy the biggest $5 suitcase they have and fill it with stuff. Pay the $15 to check it and then donate it back to Goodwill down there so I don’t have to pay to bring it home! LOL

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments.
    Vinnie who rented the other vacant apartment today agreed to take our spare full size bed in trade for his spare single. He is even going to give us a brand new set of sheets.. We offered to pay but he said no. So now we have an almost new bed and bed stand to use as our couch. Cool. It is all working out.

    Last night I asked Waymer at Brisas Grill where he got the big sturdy green plastic chairs that are at some of tables on the beach. He said Costco and he will look to see if they have them still. If they do he will let us know and if we want him to he will buy a couple for us since he goes to Costco every couple of days to get supplies for his restaurant. They are really nice and comfortable compared to the cheaper Sol chairs we have now. They are even big enough to put pads in if we want to.

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