We use what we can… The apartment continued

Our apartment here on Isla is becoming homier everyday.

I found these dish towels or whatever they are at Mirita’s market and thought that they would make good kitchen curtains. With a little fishing line and duct tape we now have curtains that match the hot pad that we have our glasses sitting on. Notice they also coordinate well with the dishes.

We needed a strainer for the kitchen sink but forgot to look when we were in Cancun. I found this little strainer also at Mirtita’s and it will work  for now until we can find a real  plastic sink strainer.

The stool that the water jug is sitting on was found under the stairs. It really needs to be painted and the legs shortened but hey it was free. Denise was so excited that she found it.

Denise found some nice 12×12 tiles on the roof and brought a few down for us to use on the top of the plastic storage bins in the kitchen. They make it easier to set something on top of. Two of the tiles are under the little stove on the wooden chair for safety.

We got rid of the futon. Our neighbor Vinnie bought it. We have the single bed to fix up for a day bed. Friends loaned us another Sol plastic chair and a wooden rocker

Yep, it’s all coming together nicely!

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  1. Looks like you’re finding things all over! I’m sure it feels great to have it coming together! When are you on Isla til?

  2. I love it. It reminds me of being in college and using cinder blocks and 2X4s to make furniture. Oh, and don’t forget milk crates. The blue tile in your sink is gorgeous! I love your bright yellow curtains, too. Wouldn’t be Mexico without lots of color!

  3. Lookin’ good Jackie!! Love the bright colors too.
    So Vinnie is in one of the apartments there now? I know he had been renting a small house south on Juarez.
    Tell Ricardo Bruce and I will see him in mid Feb. please? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the comments. Yes Jan, Vinnie has the apartment that Mike and Diane lived in before they moved out to the colonias. We went to Cancun again yesterday and bought most everything else we need for now at Costco and Walmart. Lots of pillows for the daybed, more plastic storage things and some other stuff . Tara will never believe that I shopped at the dreaded Walmart. She loves them, I hate them.

  5. Hi, we haven’t met, but I am a frequent visitor to Isla and I also have been sponsoring a young woman,Sugely for two years.
    I have been contemplating an apartment in Isla, as well. Great minds think alike!!
    Would you be okay with telling me some about your place? Where is it located? How much is it a month? How long a lease did you take? ETC. etc.
    Anything that you have learned that might be helpful.

    Thanks so much

  6. I have a couple adorable wooden chairs that I wanted to repaint. Sort of like the old ones from the women’s co-op store and now in Manana. I will never get around to it. If you want them, let me know and I’ll bring them over to you.

  7. I love the sink strainer. Now that’s creative.

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