Update on the Isla apartment

I leave Isla tomorrow knowing that I will be back in a couple of months. I think we did a pretty good job putting together our apartment. There are still some things we need to bring down or buy in Cancun but nothing we haven’t been able to live with out. We got the living room blinds hung the other day and that made a huge difference in what the room looks like. It has more of a home appearance rather than a temporary look. Our friends Jeri and Steve lent us another good Sol  chair and a rocking chair so we now have chairs for guests to sit on. In fact we had a friend over for dinner a couple of nights ago.

Focus on the color coordination not the messy bed

4 Responses

  1. Love the day bed! And am sick with jealousy that you are returning in a couple of months (but good for you!). Safe travels!

  2. Great color coordination. And even so your bed looks better than mine typically looks like.

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