Things that make me go “hmm…”

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  1. We have wires that look similar to those right off our balcony!

  2. LOL at this post!!! There are truly so many things that make ya go, HMMMM on the island. I love the first pic. Is that a starfish bikini top??? Too cute.

    • No kidding Jana. The mermaid was in the front yard of the first house on Guerrero just north of super. I parked the golf cart there in October so we could run in to the store. A guy told me no parking. I said we were only going to be 3 minutes. He asked if that was 3 Mexican minutes. Anyway we took longer than anticipated but he laughed and n ext thing we know some ancient old man brought us out some shrimp ceviche and chips to eat. The younger guy gave us his business card. He takes snorkel tours out. So of course I had to take the photo of the mermaid with the star bikini top.

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