“Pot party”

as my sister Debi called it. A couple of my sisters, nieces, my daughter and I potted about 20 pots today that will be scattered throughout Debi’s backyard for mother’s memorial service on her birthday June 27th.

My mother loved to work in her garden and had an especially green thumb. We want the yard to be in full bloom for her memorial service so we moved it from Mother’s Day to mom’s birthday.

Here a just a few photos of what we potted today.

8 Responses

  1. A nice variety of flowers –some of my favorites in there–the gerber daisies & columbine!

  2. Mom sure did a good job with you kids. Very nice.

  3. Those are beautiful, Jackie! I am potting some herbs today and a geranium. You went all out!!

    • Jana, the weather was perfect. We spent hours out in the yard potting and just sitting around talking. It was sunny and maybe mid 60s. The plan is that each of us take a pot home after the memorial service as a remembrance. I have to take something that is low maintenance so I don’t kill it right away.

  4. I dunno Jackie. First you have a An adult movie experience, then a “pot party” . It just doesnt “sound right” ha

    • Carl,
      I wonder what I might do this weekend. Actually probably nothing since I am flying to Salt Lake City before the crack of dawn Monday morning.SLC is not a city where you do too much of anything that would considered improper behavior.

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