Totally decadent, luxurious! Happy retirement to me.

Not my typical vacation. August trip booked.

I booked my flight using Alaska Airline miles and I am hoping to be able to upgrade to 1st class the day before my flight. I booked a room at the Kauai Marriott. Which is way more $ than I would usually spend. My goal was to find a place to stay where I did not need to rent a car.  I hate renting a car especially when I travel by myself. The Marriott fits that bill. It has the largest pool on the island and is on the beach. There are several good restaurants on the property or if needed town is just a short taxi ride away.

I have been to Kauai at least 25 times so I don’t need to do the tourist thing. Hanging out at the pool and going down to the beach will make me happy.

Is this not gorgeous or what?

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  1. I am liking the way this retirement thing is sounding! And that photo is gorgeous!!!


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