Eternal On the Water – a book review

I am no longer updating my Have Read and Future Read pages. I found it to be too tedious to copy and paste links and synopsis of what I was reading. I haven’t deleted those pages because I may go back to updating them.

So anyway here is my book review.

Eternal On the Water by Joseph Monninger.

This is a story about two well educated individuals. Cobb is a teacher at a prestigious New England prep school. Mary is a PHD teaching biology at a university. They meet the night before they are going to kayak down a river. There is an instant attraction. They spend time together on the river experiencing new wonders and some of Mary’s history.

Without giving too much away you pretty quickly find out that Mary has the possibility of having a bad genetic gene that will cause an early death. Mary has chosen not to have testing done to determine if she has this gene. She doesn’t want to know how or when she will die.

The story is full of wonderful things like a trip to Yellowstone to study the environment once packs of wolves had been re-introduced. A trip to a small Bali island where Mary’s brother is a hero for the diminishing turtle population.

This is a true love story. It’s a feel good story and ultimately a story of faith, love and un-selfishness character.

Read the book!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting book–will add to my list!

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