Retirement – it’s still hard!

This sudden retirement for me is still  very hard. 2 ½ weeks later I am still struggling to get my act together. Sunday night was the first night that I had gotten a decent night’s sleep. Not so much tonight since I am writing this at 2AM.

I met with a financial adviser today. She talked to me about so many things that I need to digest. It’s crazy! I do have a healthy 401k and a pension payout that I need to figure out what to do with. I am so confused about what to do with my pension option. I tried to explain to the financial adviser that the 401K I am not concerned about because up until now it was “funny money” although a good chunk of money.  I meant that it was something I couldn’t touch. But on the other hand the pension options are concerning to me because that is what I will need to live on. We are meeting again on Friday. She says because of my age I really should take the lump sum and roll  it to an annuity and not to take the Qwest pension annuity because once selected I have no options to change it.

I have lots to think about! I want to make the right decision for me and Tara as my beneficiary.

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