A shameless plug for a good cause, supporting education on Isla Mujeres

La Gloria English School on Isla Mujeres is a non-profit organization teaching English to local residents, young and old.

“Isla Mujeres, Mexico, is a prospering tourist destination, but many of its native Mayan residents struggle with poverty. Learning English will help them to better support themselves now, and create a future for their children.”

My “Isla friend” Jana headed up a project to create a cookbook with recipes from some of the local island restaurants as well as from other Isla lovers. All profits from the sales of the cookbook will go to La Gloria English School.

I and many of my Isla friends have posted the link to Jana’s blog on Facebook so those interested in purchasing the cookbook can get details about ordering the cookbook.

If you love Mexican food and want to help a great cause at the same time check out Jana’s blog for more info about the cookbook.

Thanks Jana!!!

2 Responses

  1. Thank you, Jackie!!! Look at you – workin’ it while you vaycay!

    • When I travel alone I spend my evenings online, reading and watching TV. But since I don’t have HGTV or The Food Network not much of interest is on TV.

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