Why I am a “giver”

Isla Gringo recently posted about his annual Christmas project, Project Warm Hearts. He wrote this about me.

I break out into a big smile whenever I even just think the name Jackie Conlon. This kind woman from Portland, and frequent island visitor, has so many points in her Karma bank that she could start making withdrawals anytime she wanted without touching the principle! This lady just gives and gives and gives. Not only here, but in her own community as well. The world should have more Jackies in it. So, thank you Jackie. From the bottom of my heart.

I give because I can, because I care and because I want to help others empower themselves to become more self-sufficient. In some cases the organizations I give to help individuals regain their self esteem. Take for example the women’s services org. that I now volunteer at. Their clients are women who had been living in a domestic violent relationship. Often these women don’t have the financial means to leave that relationship. With the aid of the women’s services they receive not only counseling but financial assistance and help to find a job if necessary.

I posted on Facebook yesterday:

Friends going to Isla soon – I brought beads to Isla for the Isla Women’s Beading Collective. Help the Mayan women support themselves and their families. They hardly take up any room in your suitcase. Recommended needs – “each pkg has 7.5 g which is about 1600 beads, so you can order different colors for each pkg. you can mix and match. silvers/gold/copper/purples/black.

My reason for this donation was simple. I did this one because “The Isla women are enormously appreciative of our efforts to help them be self-sufficient economically.”

I post these kinds of comments on Facebook and my blog so others can see how easy and often times very inexpensive it is to give to others in need. Whether that need is economical, spiritual or to help with education that otherwise would have been forgone. I don’t tell you this because I want praise for what I do. That is simply not me. It’s what I do. Ask my daughter to describe me in two words and she would tell you I am “a giver”.

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  1. Great post, Jackie! We give for the same reason–because we can. And we get so much back–esp. from Gaby–I love that she has discovered an app for FB on her phone–now we hear from her alot more!

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