Meeting with the Isla Mujeres student I sponsor

One of the other co-sponsors of Alejandra; the Isla Mujeres student I assist with university expenses met with her and her family for breakfast this morning. Maggie who runs La Gloria English School made the arrangements and came along to help interpret.

When Alejandra goes back to Merida she will take her exams for last semester. She feels good about them and thinks she will do well. She has a proven track record of maintaining excellent grades through high school and university. Alejandra has one semester left before she graduates with certification to teach K-12. She wants to teach kindergarten because “everyone needs to start school”. Alejandra’s preference is to teach on Isla but said that she will work wherever she can find a job. Finishing university will be a huge accomplishment for Alejandra. Prior to Alejandra’s mother asking Maggie if she could become part of the Isla student sponsorship program her family struggled to help her make if financially. I wrote about this before but mom Juana was supporting the family by selling pareos on the beach. Not a lot of money to be made doing that.

Last July Alejandra had a baby. Even with the birth of her son Angel she was determined to complete university. Alejandra’s aunt in Merida watches Angel while she is at school. There is no taking time off and then continuing on with already earned credits. If she had taken time off she would have had to start her four year program all over again. Alejandra’s education is truly a family event.

I am so proud of Alejandra!

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  1. What an adorable baby! Thanks for adding the photo here. Glad you got to see her while you were on Isla.

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