Trouble sleeping? Me too.

Yesterday we had a family and friends game day/night at the hotel one of my sisters works at, The Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA. In the room we used for the games they had a basket of samples of a sleep aid patch. The patch is made and sold by Natural Patches of Vermont. It says it is a “Relaxing sleep formula essential oil patch”. It is lavender-scented. You place the patch on clean skin; the shoulder area is recommended for this patch. My sister said to take a several since they have a ton of them to give away. I am going to wear the patch tonight to see if it makes any difference in my sleep pattern. I have five patches so I will use them five nights in a row to decide if they do help. If the aromatherapy patch helps I will be buying a pack of them.

This company also has aromatherapy patches for aches and pains, stress aid, energy, coughs – colds, mental focus and PMS – menopause.

4 Responses

  1. Sounds like it might help–did it work for you?

    • I don’t know if the lavender worked since I was so tired I Went to bed at 9:00 last night. i had a hard time sleeping then Night before in a hotel room with three other people and the room was too hot.
      I did wake up several times but think that I fell back to sleep sooner that usual. I will try the rest of the patches before I decide if I want to buy some.

  2. Are you having trouble sleeping because of pain from your surgery or just in general? Good for you for trying natural remedies first. Hot bath (stick your foot out), cup of cocoa or herbal tea, reading old college textbooks. Hope it worked!

    • Jana, I have issues sleeping in general. I can usually fall asleep but I wake up several times during the night and have problems getting back to sleep. I tried melatonin again but ran out while on Isla and haven’t got bought any more yet. I think melatonin might help but probably need to up the dose I was taking. See my response to Ann about whether or not I think that the lavender patch helped.

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