Wordless Wednesday



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  1. beautiful! Can’t wait for something to be blooming here!

    • Thanks Ann. Although we have lots of plants and trees blooming it has been beyond wet and dreary. That is actually a photo from last spring.

  2. Love the cherry blossoms tress! Ours have been out for 2 weeks and just beautiful!! Too bad the weather the last few days doesn’t feel as nice as the trees LOOK! Hmmm. . . .out like a lion I guess! Happy WW and Happy Spring!

    • Thank you. That is actually a photo taken last spring. The March skies have been very gray and very wet but I Wanted a photo to “say” SPRING.

  3. Ahhh pink petticoat lady.

  4. Quit teasing me Jackie:-) we had 3″ of snow on the lawns this morning:-( C’mon SPRING!!

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