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  1. Wonderful shot! I can feel the spray of the falls! And I’m sure you do when you are on that bridge!

  2. That’s amazing!!!

  3. Thanks Jana. It’s a beautiful spot of Oregon.

  4. Wow so breathtaking!

    • Aimee, It is really beautiful. Too bad there were so many people there that day that I had to crop the photo to get rid of the heads.

  5. wow… enchanting!

  6. I have lived in oregon my entire life and never been here but now I will have to make it out there. It’s lovely!

    • I took this photo in July. If you go late spring when there is snow melt from Mt. Hood the falls are even more spectacular.

  7. Great picture. I am looking forward to seeing the falls in person in two weeks.

    • Thanks. That pic was taken in July. It has been a pretty wet spring and last week several rivers were approaching if not at flood level. All that water should make the falls even more spectacular.

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