Wordless Wednesday – The road to Coba

On the road to the ruins at Coba, Mexico 1996



3 Responses

  1. So adorable!

  2. and now they are grown up and getting married…time flies, ay?

    • There is a story I like to tell about that photo. My sister and I were driving to Coba on at that times was a very undeveloped road and through a few small villages. For some reason my sister had her camera in the trunk of the car. She pulled off into a gravel area to the side of the road. Within seconds all of those kids had surrounded our car and were asking for money. I told my sister who was on her visit to Mexico, that instead of money let’s give them some of the snacks we had. I don’t recall what we gave them but they thanked us. My sister wanted to take a photo and I told her to show them the camera as to ask if she could take their photo. Judging buy how quickly they regrouped into that pose we could tell they did this often as tourist drove to Coba. Notice the little boy on the right has on a Dallas Cowboy’s t-shirt.

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