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I am a mother, a good friend and a giving person. I love to travel to warm sunny places and meet new people and make new friends. Two of my favorite travel spots are Isla Mujeres, MX and Kauai, HI. I have lived in Oregon all of my life and recently retired from Qwest Communications after 33 years.

My favorite beach – Sergio’s Playa Sol on Isla Mujeres.

Playa Sol

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  1. hi jackie….this is ann in louisiana. i followed a link on Sue’s blog, and here I am….good job on your blog. love the pictures. Miss ya, girl, hope to see ya soon on Isla, Absolute…ly!

    • Hey Ann, I will probably be on Isla next in October, Then again just after Christmas for two weeks. Hope to see you then.

    • hi jackie im doing a project about oregon can u help me out??? who were the first settlers in oregon

    • If you do a Google search you will find all kinds of good information.

      Here’s just a little of what I found.


      Oregon Trail – The first emigrants to make the trip were Marcus and Narcissa Whitman who made the trip in 1836. However, the first mass migration did not occur until 1843 when approximately 1000 pioneers made the journey at one time.

      Dr. John McLoughlin, baptized Jean-Baptiste McLoughlin, (October 19, 1784 – September 3, 1857) was the Chief Factor of the Columbia Fur District of the Hudson’s Bay Company at Fort Vancouver. He was later known as the “Father of Oregon”.”

  2. Hi Jackie … Are you in Portland now? I am. Maybe we can hook up & find ourselves some shrimp this next week! Lots to talk about re: sunnier climates! (but, it at least is finally sunny here in the Pacific NW! yay!)


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