Day’s End – Photo Friday

I have a ton of sunset photos but I like the way this sunset makes the buildings in Cancun look like they are on fire. This was taken from a catamaran in the Bay of Mujeres.

Photo Friday Challenge – Gold

Golden sunset, Isla Mujeres, MX


Photo Friday Challenge – Spot

The “Crayola House” on Isla Mujeres, MX

Wordless Wednesday – The road to Coba

On the road to the ruins at Coba, Mexico 1996



Photo Friday Challenge – Enormous

Vila Vera on Isla Mujeres is one of many spots that you can find a lot of  iguanas. This guy was huge and as you can see he has kind of morphed into the color of the grass.

Shrimp, It’s what for dinner

I pity the poor souls who are allergic to shellfish.

Shrimp cocktail San Jose del Cabo

Shrimp mojo de ajo Mininos, Isla Mujeres

Tempura shrimp, OM , Isla Mujeres

Butterfly shrimp, Asia Caribe, Isla mujeres

What’s left of my shrimp and scallops at Rooster  Cafe, Isla Mujeres

Shrimp Diablo, Brisas Grill, Isla Mujeres

Sunday: Free Chilpachole at Chuuk Kay, Isla Mujeres

Shrimp burger at Chuuk Kay, Isla Mujeres

Shrimp cocktail, Mininos, Isla Mujeres

Photo Friday Challenge – Gloomy

A gloomy beach day on Isla Mujeres watching the rain fall on the mainland over Cancun.