An adult movie experience

No not that kind of movie!

I went with my daughter and her husband to Living Room Theaters to see Alice in Wonderland in Disney Digital 3D.

Living Room Theaters is located downtown Portland just a few blocks from my office. There are six theater rooms with comfy lounge type chairs. Each chair has its own wooden side tray with cup holder. There is real food on the concession menu as well as a lunch menu and bar. Because LRT is independently owned they choose the movies they show. Most of the movies are independent film makers and not at all mainstream.

On LRT’s website they say

“Living Room® Theaters is a celebration of great, independent films and filmmakers. We’re deeply committed to the vibrant, growing local film community. We also chose to launch in Portland because of active film lovers like you – Portland has one of the highest per capita film going audiences of any city in the U.S.”

It was a different experience and I am glad we saw Alice here rather than one of the mega cinemas.

I am not normally a Tim Burton fan. His movies are often too dark for me. But Alice after all is a Disney movie so I knew it would be different than Burton’s usual films. In fact Tara said she was surprised that I said I wanted to see this movie. It was very good. I enjoyed the 3D aspect of the movie as well.

“The story and film of Alice In Wonderland is unique and necessary to the culture of our times, in that it expresses not only the importance of individuality, but also of the of the validity of children’s ideas, and the power of females self determinism, among much more.”

Living Room Theaters

My new toy – Flip Video

Last Saturday I bought the Flip Ultra video camera. I heard about the camera a few days before and immediately checked it out online. What sold me on this camera is the ease of use, the small size and the high qualityof the videos. It has a built in USB to connect directly into a computer. The first time that you connect this camera to a computer it loads the software. The software has editing features and you can take a freeze frame and make it into a still photo. You can upload to YouTube or email directly from the video.


 I did not spend the extra $50 for the HD model though. Mostly I will be viewing the videos that I take on my computer so I didn’t see the need for HD. Occasionally I may hook it up to a TV for larger viewing.


I will be taking some videos today at my mother’s 80th birthday party so I can have a chance to play around with the camera and editing features prior to going to Kauai. I am going to go back to Best Buys today to purchase the underwater housing for the camera so we can use it when we snorkel on Kauai.  To see some underwater videos taken with the same camera check out Captn Tony’s on YouTube.


A 3 day movie watching weekend

When I was over at Tara and Kelly’s on Thanksgiving Day we saw a commercial on TV for the new Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman movie Australia. It is advertised to be the next and latest greatest epic to rival Gone With the Wind. This movie is getting pretty bad reviews for its early release. I will probably go to a theater to see it just for the fantastic scenery and costumes though.

But anyway Tara and I both said that we couldn’t remember when we went to a theater last to see a movie. I couldn’t even recall the last time I rented a movie DVD. So being a long three day weekend I stopped at Blockbuster yesterday. I walked around looking for a movie to jump out at me. The first one I came across that I thought might be good was My Mom’s New Boyfriend. I mean what could be bad about a Meg Ryan & Antonio Banderas flick? Well it turned out there was a lot that was bad about it. However; it had some pretty funny moments and well there was Antonio Banderas. The other movie I rented was Then She Found Me. This movie stars Helen Hunt and was directed by her. Helen Hunt plays 39 year old adoptive women trying to have a baby but her husband wants to be best friends and no longer married. Then in walks her biological mother played exceptionally well by Bette Midler. Huh? Can you picture Bette as a mother of a 39 year old? I guess I am dating myself when I say that I remember Bette from when she was the Divine Miss M and had not yet starred in a movie. Bette has starred in several movies and now has now arrived at the point in her movie career where she is longer leading lady material.

Maybe it is just a chick flick but I think it was really good and quite a sleeper. Watch if you can and enjoy this great multi- relationship movie.