Happy birthday to me!

I am writing this Monday night after an evening out with my daughter and SIL. Monday 9/7 was a major milestone BD for me. Many years ago my mother labored on Labor Day and I was the result of that labor the next day. My mother still tells the story of how she almost gave birth to me in the cab on the way to the hospital. Apparently I was a few weeks early and my mother and father were not ready for my mother to go into labor on September 6th even though I was # 3.

I just got home from an overall good dinner at Navarre, a Spanish, French, Italian tapas restaurant in NE Portland. Some dishes just OK others very good and the one pork dish was awesome. Desserts were great. ¾ of my bitter chocolate mousse will be really good tomorrow night. I will definitely go there again.

Ladies, what do you buy your mother for her birthday when she tells she wants nothing and has everything? Is this not perfect? A handbag hook to hang your purse on the table. The one Tara gave me is on the bottom right JE-222. And best of all it really works even with a heavy purse like mine that had my camera in it.




I asked Tara where she wants to go for her birthday dinner in two weeks. She said she had to think  about it. She said Kelly asked her where we were going tonight and she said she couldn’t remember. Kelly asked does your mother ever go to a restaraunt that has “eatery” or steak” in the name? Tara said “nope, it’s my mom so it is fru fru”. OK, but hey it was good!

Happy 80th birthday Mom!

My sister and mother hosted my mom’s 80th birthday party yesterday in St Helens. This was the first time in I don’t know how many years that all of my mother’s children (all 6 of us) where together. One of my sisters lives outside of Boise and rarely travels to Oregon. Over the years there has usually been one or another sibling who someone won’t talk to. For several years that was my brother for me and a couple of my sisters.

It was really kind of nice for us all to be together. 6 of my mom’s 7 grandchildren where there and most of her great grandchildren except for the three that belong to the one grandchild who was not present. That granddaughter Angie is currently living in South Carolina and could not afford to travel to Oregon for the party. One of Angie’s son’s is living with my sister in Idaho and he was there. We all did talk to Angie on the phone though.

We took the requisite family photos of my mom and her “kids”, my mom and her kids and grandkids, my mom and just her grand kids and great grandkids, then the final photos of all of us including my mom’s 83 year old sister.



Another stinking cute kitty

I am not an animal person. I really do not like cats but look how cute this kitten is.

My niece’s step daughter Rachael and her boyfriend adopted this kitten when it was only about 3 weeks old. A woman found a litter abandoned  in a barn. This kitten had to be fed cat formula every couple of hours with a little baby bottle.


The kitten had to be wrapped in a towel to keep warm and diapered.


All of the kids at the birthday party anxiously waited for their turn to hold the kitten.


Here’s a post from about a year ago of another cute litle kitty.

Birthday cupcakes & balloons

We celebrated my great niece Zoe’s 9th birthday today.

Debi’s house has a ton of windows which makes photo taking a real challenge with the glare and too much light.

After scrapping off all of the frosting the cupcake was marginal at best. The kids liked them though.






The card Aunt Jackie gave Zoe with $25 in it to buy what she really wants.


My sister Dee- Dee brought over a box off candles that her MIL gave her when she cleaned out her storage room  We guessed that these candles may have been from the 60’s or even 50’s. Look at the price $0.29 on sale for $0.27.




Some of us played Scatagories. Three adults and two 9 years olds, one ten year old and a 12 year old. We bend the rules somewhat for the kids but even still if you can not defend your answer you have to cross it off. The 20 year old college student was the winner.


Debi’s backyard where Tara and Kelly got married last August.