Wordless Wednesday

A little R&R Hawaiian style

When I got laid off a little over a month ago I decided to book a trip to Kauai. I was going to go the end of June but airfare was too high and we ended up having my mother’s memorial service that week. So I wouldn’t say that this trip to Kauai last week was spur of the moment.

I was lucky enough on short notice to be able to use miles on Alaska Airlines. I got to the gate in Seattle and shortly after an agent announced that they had one 1st class paid upgrade available. I leaped to the counter and grabbed the upgrade for $150. It was so worth the money to have a comfy seat and good service for the 5 1/2 flight.

I arrived at the Kauai Marriott about 8:30PM and had excellent service checking in. The woman found a room and told me that she wanted to make sure it was ready. She called housekeeping to double check and told me that it was a really good room and she didn’t want to lose it. It was dark so I couldn’t see anything other than the pool and hotel lights from my lanai. I woke during the night and opened the door and could hear the waves close by. In the morning I could see that I had a fantastic view of the pool and the beach.

The hotel grounds were lush, green with plumeria and palm trees. There is a Koi pond just outside of the lobby.

There were tons of Koi in this pond and Hawaiian Ducks around and in the pond too.

In the large open air lobby there is this outrigger canoe displayed. It was made with a beautiful local hardwood.

My room was very comfortable. It had a love-seat, desk, mini fridge and that fabulous view.

The Kauai Marriott was a great vacation spot. I would stay there again. The bad side of flying Seattle – Lihue direct is that the return flight leaves at 8:00AM. That would be pretty painful if the Lihue airport  was a major city’s airport but it’s not. The airport is small and Alaska Airlines is off to one end of the check in counter all by itself. Unfortunately there  was not a 1st class upgrade for the flight back to Seattle. Trust me, I asked.

I did not take very many photos but this trip. You can see some of my favorite Kauai photos from previous trips over to the left on Flikr or go to the Photos tab to get to my Webshots photo albums. Here’s one album from last summer’s trip to Kauai.

Chickens every where. What’s up with that?

Kauai, HA

9/11/92 Hurricane Iniki a cat 4 hit Kauai bang on and destroyed several chicken farms that were not totally prepared for the hurricane which had not been predicted to hit Kauai directly. The path of Iniki shifted unpredictably overnight and caused major damage. To this day you will see feral chickens literally everywhere. At the beach, at resorts, in parking lots, in the streets of Lihue, at the airport, etc.

WTH am I going to do with all this time called retirement?

It’s 2:30AM and I am wide awake

Wondering what the heck this new life of retirement will be like. A weekend is just not a weekend anymore. I can’t sit on the couch and read every day, all day long. Actually I probably could.

I booked a trip to Kauai for next month. I have a trip booked to Isla for October. I booked a 3 1/2 week  trip to Isla for my annual holiday vacation. But other than that I don’t know what the Hell I am going to do all day, every day.

A little Hawaiian aloha comes to Milwaukie, OR

This weekend was the grand opening of the Ohana Hawaiian Cafe in downtown Milwaukie. This is the 2nd location for the owners of the cafe. Their original Ohana Hawaiian Cafe is on 62nd and Sandy Blvd, Portland.

I timed my lunch visit so I could watch the hula dancers. The service was excellent. The food was good and plentiful. I purposely ordered too much so I could have leftovers both for lunch and dinner tomorrow. I will return.

I hope that this restaurant does well in this spot. The previous two did not. The first restaurant that was here was really good but I knew from the start that it was not a good fit for the area. It needed to be some where more trendy and upscale. The menu was too much, everything from tofu to prime rib.The second restaurant was good the first time I ate there but the second time they were off. Also they had applied for a video poker license so they had to black out their almost floor to ceiling windows so no one outside could see in. That ruined the whole ambience of the bright, cheery place that it used to be.

Pretend you are sitting on the beach with a nice trade wind watching the hula. Block out the cars as they drive by.

Table centerpiece



Ahi poke – leftovers with the salad greens, some cucumber, zucchini and tomato for lunch tomorrow



charbroiled short rib plate – pulehu salt rub, homemade rub made with Hawaiian sea salt, fresh garlic and ginger. A scoop of sticky rice and organic green salad tossed with a papaya seed vinegrette dressing.

Leftovers for dinner tomorrow night.



Bar area, no alcoholic beverages though. They do have shave ice.



The keikis waiting for their next turn to dance