What a glorious day Sunday was

Unusual sightings included:

  • Shorts and flip flops
  • people working in the their yards in tank tops
  • the grocery store packed with people buying steaks and other things to grill
  • the sunshine
  • cars being washed in driveways
  • tops down on convertibles
  • my sunroof open
  • windows in my house open to let in the fresh spring air

The high  temperature yesterday was 70 degrees with 75 degrees the forecast for today.

I walked down to the new neighborhood park to check it out. It is pretty small, just  a block deep and a house sized lot across. There is a small play structure, a picnic table, a couple of benches, bike racks and  trash cans.

The old house had been moved off of the lot many years ago and the work began to clean up the lot and get it ready to become the neighborhood park. Finally last year with bond measure money from Metro, our Neighborhood Grant funds and the City of Milwaukie Homewood Park has been completed and open to the neighborhood to enjoy.


Maybe it is spring afterall?

Hard to tell when it is only in the mid 40s, gray and wet. Oh wait a minute… that is spring in Portland. Of course the forecast calls for more rain because it is spring break week.

“I Dream of Spring”

Last week I was in Boise for three days. It was clear, sunny and cold. I got home Friday and it was 60 degrees. The sun was out and it felt great. I was hoping that there would be a few more spring like days but alas I woke up Saturday morning to rain and gray skies.


She arrives like autumn in a rainstorm
The threat of thunder above
I’ll return from the streets of Melbourne
I’ll return my love


This is world is filled with frozen lovers
The sheets of their beds are frightfully cold
And I’ve slept there in the snow with others
Yet loved no others before


These cold dark places
Places I’ve been
In cold dark places
I dream of spring


This world is filled frozen lovers
The sheets of their beds are frightfully cold
And I’ve slept there in the snow with others
Yet loved no others before


These cold darks places
Places I’ve been
In cold dark places
I dream of spring

In cold dark places
I dream of spring

A stressful Chistmas Eve but all turned out good

I do not think that I ever had such stressful Christmas Eve in all of my life. Tara and Kelly came over about noon and Kelly shoveled a walk way in my driveway so I could get to their vehicle. We drove about 20 miles to Beavercreek  on  pretty horrendous streets. We saw several trucks and SUVs sideways on the side of the highway or street and one truck in a huge ditch. It took probably three times longer than normal to drive to Cindy and Randy’s house for their early Christmas Eve dinner. It was well worth it though because the prime rib was great not as awesome as last year but really great. The grilled bacon wrapped asparagus was absolutely fabulous.

The temperature got up to about 36 so the precipitation was pretty much rain for an hour or so. The drive home was much better until we got close to home and off of the main roads. Kelly had to put the vehicle back into 4 wheel drive. The low tonight is supposed to be below freezing so there will be a nice sheet of ice on the streets tomorrow.



Yum O!!!!!!!!


Tara’s French boots


I was bored yesterday sitting around watching the snow fall for yet another day!

I was looking at my blog stats and found it interesting where some of the people who have found my blog are located. I have a ClustrMap as one of my widgets. On that map there are markers from China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, Korea, Finland, Norway and Indonesia as well as many from the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Fellow bloggers, where are are your farthest viewers from?

Below are screenshots from yesterday afternoon of the four most current pages of  viewer’s locations from the Sitemeter stats. (I love SnagIt)


OK, remember that I started this out by saying I was bored? And here was why…

I was on vacation Monday and today, Wednesday is a holiday and I can’t leave my house. It continued to snow for a good part of the day leaving another inch or more on the ground



Here are some of the stories local TV station KATU covered yesterday.