Friends and family made the wedding perfect for Tara and Kelly

Tara is Rene’s supervisor at the credit union. Rene is building her portfolio so that she can take on some professional photo jobs. She would not let Tara pay her so we slipped some money into her purse. Rene took a ton of photos and I can’t wait to see them.

Cindy, Tara and Kim. Cindy and Tara have been best friends for twenty-two years. Cindy gave a toast and that made many of us cry.

Cousin Erika, Cindy, Tara and Kim. Erika was pretty much in charge of creating all of the crafty stuff. She and her mother sewed fifty chair covers. Erika and her husband Alan made the arch that the ceremony took place under.

Tara with my sister Debi whose yard the wedding took place in. Debi loves to entertain and be in charge so she was in her element that day.

Kim and Rob are very good friends of Tara and Kelly’s. Two years ago when they got married TnK were their witnesses. Kim wrote the vows and did an excellent job even though a couple of times she started to cry while reading them. Rob was in charge of the music and video camera.

I would be a really bad mother or grandmother if I didn’t post a photo of TnK’s gurlz. Cindy walked down the aisle with them and then they had to give love to TnK when the ceremony was over.

The wedding – part 2

Cindy, Tara and I did an excellent job designing the cake. OK, the cake lady helped too. A very simple yet elegant cake. Top layer strawberry champagne, 2nd layer chocolate with chocolate cream filling, 3rd layer yellow cake with a cream cheese filling.

The bride and groom were having an excellant time at their wedding. I love this photo of Tara. She is having so much fun!

And here you can see why! Kathy and Jack causing Tara to laugh hysterically.

I really do not know what was making Tara laugh so hard here. The photographer was a woman who works for her. Rene said it was the only time she could boss her supervisor around.

The toast

Oh, oh, I see mischief brewing here.

Yep! I told you!

Tara said she had to go inside to wash her face because she had frosting up her nose.

Kelly with his man boobs,the form from Tara’s dress.

Whose are bigger?

Tara, her aunt Dee-Dee and cousin Allie who both helped so much getting ready the day of the wedding.

The wedding day was perfect. Pretty much my entire family attended and everyone got along. That’s not always the case with a big family like mine. Tara has a special place in all of my family member’s hearts after not one but two cardiac arrest and near death incidents.

The only screeching that happened was when I saw my 21 nephew Max taking a bottle of champagne to their table. It was opened and I yelled across the entire yard at him about not drinking the champagne because it was for the toast. He said ‘it was opened and it was a wedding so what the hell?” I sent one of my sisters over to take the champagne out of the ice tubs until we were ready for the toasts. I had to talk Tara into buying champagne to start with because she doesn’t like it. I told her we needed to buy a few bottles for the toast so she agreed. The only other incident was when my sister Pam who was quite toasted tried to cut through the heavy cardboard separating the cake layers. I guess she destroyed the cake and bent the heck out of my niece’s wedding cake knife. Tara’s friend Cindy told Pam to let her cut the cake. Cindy tried to cut one slice and the blade broke off from the handle. Pam blamed Cindy for breaking the knife. But we survived Tara and Kelly’s day with no major issues.

Tara told me again today how much she loved the wedding and that she had so much fun. A bride should enjoy the special day and laugh a lot.

In an email from one of my friends after she viewed the wedding photos “a couple of my favorites are 57 and 71…even though Elva was in the family photo it is great of all of you. and the other one with Tara laughing is wonderful. What shines through to me is that Tara was having a hoot at her own wedding and that doesn’t happen all the time. I’m happy for them.”

Yes, they are married!

Plenty of family members to help set up the tables and decorations

Nieces Erika and Allie working on Tara’s bouquet

Praticing the sake ceremony

The girls getting ready

Here comes the bride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TnK’s girls watching over the wedding ceremony

This is where Kim stars to cry as she is reading the vows for TnK to repeat

Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham

Tara and her girlfriends that made the day so great for her

Yes, of course I cried. Who wouldn’t when the groom is crying before he even sees his bride coming down the aisle? The waterproof mascara worked and I had plenty of Kleenex.
It was a great celebration and good times were had by all. Tara texted her cousin at midnight and told her she was so happy they got married the way they did and not as originally planned in Las Vegas.

More photos

OMG! The wedding is tomorrow.

If you have been following my blog you know that my daughter Tara is getting married tomorrow. I can’t believe that her special day is almost here. Everything has been ready for some time. Tomorrow morning Tara, her friend Cindy, my niece and I will go pick up the flowers. Then we will head out to St. Helens where the wedding will take place. Tara has an appointment for a pedicure and massage which was a bridal shower gift from some family members. She is having a hard time letting it go. She wants to make sure everything is ready for her wedding. My niece has reassured her that she can go have her massage and when she gets back to her aunt’s house everything will be done and ready for the wedding.

Kelly’s mother arrived yesterday. She lives in Colorado and is here for 10 days. I asked Tara if we could go out to dinner before the wedding so I do not meet Elva for the first time at the wedding. So tonight we are going out to dinner.

The weather today is forecasted 70 degrees with rain likely. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 75 degrees and partly cloudy. I am crossing my fingers that there will be no rain. There is no backup plan for the outdoor wedding if it should rain. The wedding date was originally in June but Tara was too stressed out by everything following her recovery from her near death incident and work stuff that they moved the date to August 2nd. The chance of rain is usually less likely in August compared to June also. Photos and wedding stories will be my next post.

Tara trying to be creative designing her wedding cake.

Ta da! THE RING!

Kelly drove them to Olallie Lake today and he actually proposed and gave Tara the engagement ring. One week exactly before the wedding. Kelly had the wedding band sodered to the engagement ring so Tara is wearing both. Tara said that Kelly had tears in his eyes but that might have been from the sun.

Tara called me to tell me she got the ring. I told her that I knew she was getting it today as both her friend Cindy and her cousin Erika knew a little about the plan. Tara was pissed that none of us told her this was going to happen today. I told her that none of us wanted to ruin the most important day in her life.

OMG! Finally my daughter is actually engaged one week before the wedding.