I store my photos online at PhotoBucket. I have a Pro account which has an annual fee of $26 I think. I have been using PhotoBucket for several years. With the Pro version you can make all kinds of slideshows and create what they call a Remix. A Remix is like the PhotoShow program. You can customize the look of your albums, make scrapbooks, make an avatar and more.

I also have a Webshots Premium account. I started out with the free account in 2002 but just like with PhotoBucket I quickly upgraded. A Webshots Premium account has an annual fee of $29.


Some of my favorite photos posted in my sets on Flickr

Taken on Isla Mujeres

Photos from Maui 2006 & Kauai 2007

TnK’s wedding August 2008

Webshot’s Kauai 2009

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