Trouble sleeping? Me too.

Yesterday we had a family and friends game day/night at the hotel one of my sisters works at, The Heathman Lodge in Vancouver, WA. In the room we used for the games they had a basket of samples of a sleep aid patch. The patch is made and sold by Natural Patches of Vermont. It says it is a “Relaxing sleep formula essential oil patch”. It is lavender-scented. You place the patch on clean skin; the shoulder area is recommended for this patch. My sister said to take a several since they have a ton of them to give away. I am going to wear the patch tonight to see if it makes any difference in my sleep pattern. I have five patches so I will use them five nights in a row to decide if they do help. If the aromatherapy patch helps I will be buying a pack of them.

This company also has aromatherapy patches for aches and pains, stress aid, energy, coughs – colds, mental focus and PMS – menopause.