Yikes! Car crash last week

While driving home from work last Wednesday afternoon I was in a car crash. This was the first car crash for me in more than 30 years. I was driving with a green light through an intersection crossing 5 lanes of a highway when a woman made a left hand turn right smack into me. I was badly shaken up but suffered no physical damage. Not so with my car. I drive a 2001 Acura CL S and had been pretty proud that even at 8 years old it only had one small dent from when I backed into a pole. My car is at the body shop and will be for about 2 more weeks. The damage to my car is $4,700. The driver’s side back quarter panel needs to be replaced as does the back wheel. There is damage to the suspension, the door frame and the bumper. A lot of the labor that makes up the $4,700 is due to painting and refinishing so the new panel matches the door and the roof.
The other driver who asked me where I came from and said she didn’t see me was cited by police for a dangerous left turn. Her insurance is paying for my car repairs and the rental car that I am driving. It is a pain to have to deal with the phone calls to the insurance company, running to the body shop and getting and driving the rental car.
I hope it is another 30 years before I am in car crash again. Oh, but wait I will be too old to drive by then and I might be the one to cause the accident.

I just came in from picking up my mail and I received not one but two letters and brochures from attorneys regarding my car crash addressed to my full legal name. They must have someone who surfs for accidents reported to the DMV. Oh, with further reading I see that one actually says I have read or one of my staff has read the police report. One of the envelopes even has printed on it Car Crash Info Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you! Is that so I wouldn’t mistake it as junk mail which is exactly what it is? I have shredded those puppies without even a phone call to the attorneys.

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