Can you tell my daughter likes snowmen?

The first Christmas that Tara lived by herself with no roommate she slowly bought a few Christmas decorations and ornaments. Over the next few years she kept adding more and more decorations and ornaments. Tara decided that she was going to have a themed Christmas since several things she had bought over those years were snowmen. Whenever I would see snowmen Christmas decorations I would stop and look for something unique that Tara would not buy for herself because it would be out of her price range. Over the years I have bought Tara a couple of nice snowmen snow globes, a couple of music snowman displays, a runner, welcome mat and a hand-blown glass ornament with the snowmen painted inside of it.
I was over at Tara and Kelly’s house today and took a few pictures of some of her snowmen. They were watching a movie and only had the Christmas lights on so it was little dark.





29th Annual Shriners Toy Run in PDX

Saturday was the 29 annual Shriners Children Hospital Toy Run. I have a brother in law who rides in this run most years. The run’s major sponsor is ABATE. This year there were more than 6,000 bikers who participated. That is lot of toys for a lot of sick kids. What a great thing for these bikers to do! Bikers are not just scary kick-ass dudes.

The Oregonian Staff (Read the whole story here)

There’s something slightly intimidating about thousands of guys and gals in leather pants, leather jackets, shades and do-rags revving up beefy motorcycles on a giant parking lot.

Except when they’re all carrying teddy bears, wearing Santa hats and talking over the engine roar about kids in a hospital.

About 6,000 bikers collected money and toys Saturday in Southeast Portland for the 29th annual Toy Run. Their motorcade delivered a TriMet bus full of gifts and several large checks to the Portland Shriners Hospital for Children.

There are several videos on YouTube but this one from a local TV station captures the creativity and generosity of many of the participants.

Photos from The Oregon Live site.

Motorcycle Toy Run

Motorcycle Toy Run