Last night’s birthday dinner at Pambiche

Dinner last night at Pambiche was fantastic!
To start with we had the Croquetas de camarones

Croquetas ~
Camarón ~ Pink Shrimp aromatic with fresh Mediterranean herbs.

Sorry, no photo of the croquetas but they were delicious!

I thought I ordered the Plato Cubano but I messed up and ordered the Comunista. So they brought me the meat on another dish.

Plato Cubano ~The typical Cuban plate. Adobo marinated roast pork, served with your choice of Cuban beans & rice. Dinner served with yuca con mojo.
Plato Comunista ~
The contemporary Cuban plate. Your choice of Cuban beans & rice served
with yuca con mojo and your choice of ensalada caribeña or ensalada de remolacha

Rabo Encendido ~
“Oxtail On Fire”. Tender oxtail braised in a spicy red wine sauce. Served with
arroz blanco; dinner served with frituras de maíz.

Maíz con Pollo ~
Corn and chicken stewed in a garlicky salsa roja.

Alemán ~ Coconut chocolate cake laced with saoco syrup and sandwiched with a
caramel peanut filling. Glazed with Oaxacan chocolate ganache and topped off with
typical Cuban peanut candy. Served with crema chantilly.

Birthday dinner at Pambiche – authentic Cuban food

My daughter and her husband are taking me out to dinner tonight for my birthday. I always try to pick a restaurant that is within Tara’s budget. So for this birthday dinner I decided I wanted authentic Cuban food. We are going to Pambiche which is located in an eclectic neighborhood in NE Portland. The area has recently become more upscale with many newer ethnic restaurants on 28th Ave. between Glisan St. and Sandy Blvd.

Pambiche serves authentic Cuban food based on the chef’s traditional family recipes. The chef is a Cuban American, John Connel-Maribona. He says that he learned to love food and cooking from his mother and grandmother. He has been working in the Portland market for over 20 years as a chef and pastry chef.

I will take my camera with me so I can take some photos of the vibrant Caribbean colors of the funky turn of the century Victorian building the restaurant is located in. I will also try to get some good photos of our dinner.

Wikipedia – Pambiche is a Latin American Dance derived from the Merengue , the national dance of the Dominican Republic. The Merengue was once called the “Palm Beach One Step” and it is said that “Pambiche” is a derrivation of “Palm Beach.” The Pambiche is slower and less syncopated than the Merengue.