It is never too early to start gathering donations for Project Warm Hearts 2009

Thanks to Isla Gringo and Viva Veracruz there will be a Project Warm Hearts 2009. I started emptying my wallet of the small change and putting it in a bag a few weeks ago. Once it gets close to Christmas I will take the change to a bank to be counted and paid out in dollars. That money will go toward my donation to this year’s Project Warm Hearts.

p2080002 And Wayne is right! “You will never even miss these little coins but they will make a big difference in some child’s life.”

I already have some toys to take down to deliver to Wayne my next trip to Isla. I bought some stuffed animals shortly before Christmas to donate to the Clackamas County Fire Department when they had their annual Santa Parade. The Santa Parade was canceled due to the snow and ice making it unsafe for the volunteers to walk the streets to collect the toys. I will purchase some other toys to donate to the Santa Parade this year.

These little guys are really soft and will smoosh up in my suitcase pretty easily.  I will surely purchase some more friends as travel companions for these guys.


I just wanted to give a shout out to both Wayne and John for once again organizing Project Warm Hearts. Thanks guys!!!

Even I can make a difference in someone’s life

I have written before that I do not have a green thumb so this may not be the best looking rose. However, it probably was at is peak of beauty last week when I was on vacation in Florida. What I see in my mind every time I look at this rose are the photos of the severely handicapped children who once a year get to spend time at the Mt Hood Kiwanis Camp. The camp offers children and adults with disabilities an opportunity to leave behind their routine lives and taste the freedom of the outdoors – to go beyond limits that they, and others, have set for them. Three years ago I attended a Kiwanis auction fund raiser for the camp. This rose bush was just one of the many items I purchased either in the silent auction or the oral auction.
I have several favorite charities that I regularly contribute to. All of those organizations in one way or other help children who are homeless, abused or physically or mentally challenged.
Why do I give? Because I can. Because I care. And most of all, I give because I like knowing that even I can make a difference in someone’s life.