Wierd foods

I read these comments on a blog about the Butter Princesses at the Minnesota state fair which lead me to thinking about a Portland landmark Voodoo Donuts.
Whenever we have some kind of potluck in the office one of the men always brings in a couple of dozen of donuts from Voodoo. Most of them are certainly not the variety you would get at Krispe Kreme.

please tell me you tried the walleye fries, the chocolate-covered bacon, the peanut-butter hotdogs and the macncheese on a stick!(I’m listening to Prairie Home Companion live from the Minnesota State Fair and Garrison just did a tasting on stage)

I‘m not really big on trying the weird stuff offered at the state fair. I did have alligator on a stick once. Yuk. The weirdest thing I ate this year was deep fried dill pickly chips (very good!) and the chocolate covered bacon. About grossed me out. Floppy underdone bacon dipped in chocolate at one end. Served cold too! I had to have another 32 oz bucket of french fries to get the taste out of my mouth!

The Elvis Maple Bar with bacon

The Voodoo Doll

The Nasty, a hit for the bachelorette parties can be seen on the menu page. It is actually called something else on Voodoo’s website.

Anthony Bourdain visits VooDoo Donuts