Shrimp, It’s what for dinner

I pity the poor souls who are allergic to shellfish.

Shrimp cocktail San Jose del Cabo

Shrimp mojo de ajo Mininos, Isla Mujeres

Tempura shrimp, OM , Isla Mujeres

Butterfly shrimp, Asia Caribe, Isla mujeres

What’s left of my shrimp and scallops at Rooster  Cafe, Isla Mujeres

Shrimp Diablo, Brisas Grill, Isla Mujeres

Sunday: Free Chilpachole at Chuuk Kay, Isla Mujeres

Shrimp burger at Chuuk Kay, Isla Mujeres

Shrimp cocktail, Mininos, Isla Mujeres

Photo Friday Challenge – Sharp Focus

My daughter thinks that I am obsessed with taking photos of food and posting them to Facebook. I like to see how well I can capture the food that I have enjoyed eating.

Good eats!

I read a few years ago that Portland has more restaurants per capita than any other large city west of the Rockies. That means more than LA, San Francisco and Seattle. There is a lot of ethnic diversity represented in the restaurants in Portland. Portland has  large Asian and Mexican populations so those types of restaurants are very common. Besides ethnic restaurants there are  a lot of fish and seafood restaurants due to the proximity of the Pacific ocean.

I started thinking the other day about the food options where I live, Milwaukie which is a suburb of Portland. Within two miles of my house there are four Mexican, three Chinese, three Thai restaurants and one Hawaiian. Of course there are the standards fast food places as well. If I want to go out to eat I usually think ethnic and I have lots of choices.

For my birthday dinner the other night we went to Pambiche. This is an authentic Cuban restaurant located about 7 miles from where I live. It was great.

Michelada, Cuban red beer

Michelada, Cuban red beer

Ropa Vieja

A Milwaukie landmark ~ The Bomber

The Bomber

I had lunch at The Bomber Restaurant Saturday. I have not had lunch there in years. I do occasionally eat breakfast at The Bomber. The Bomber gas station was opened in 1947, and the Bomber Drive-In opened in 1948. Although the gas station closed in 1991, the original family still runs the restaurant. One of the daughters runs the family’s catering business. A good friend of mine had her wedding reception catered by Punky (yes that is her nickname). The menu items for all meals are home-style cooking. You can order a variety of great fluffy omelets, biscuits & gravy, Corned Beef Hash and all of the traditional breakfast foods. There is a large selection of both hot and cold sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Comfort foods like fried chicken, chicken fried steak or choose a fresh salad or seafood meal. No matter what meal or what I order I usually have plenty leftover to eat the next day. There are many loyal customers that eat breakfast at The Bomber every weekend. If you do not get to the restaurant before about 9:15 AM there is usually a 20 – 30 minute wait for a table.
Facts about the Bomber ~ a timeline of the purchase and some interesting facts about the B-17 and it’s arrival in Milwaukie, OR. I found this to be interesting reading even though I am not into war planes. Also on this page there are some old photos and a link to the bomber’s restoration website.

The restaurant is full of WWII memorabilia and old photographs.

I couldn’t get far enough back to get the entire wing span in my photo.

The b-17 Bomber

ANoher of the B-17

wait to be seated


HOT Weather in PDX

It has been unseasonably HOT here in the Portland area the last few days. Even too hot to cook or even think about grilling outdoors. Hence the multiple post to this blog today. It is too hot to do anything other than sit on the couch to read or watch TV or be on the internet.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought a rotisserie turkey breast at Safeway. I have only bought a turkey breast there once before and it was really good. Last night for dinner I sliced off some of the turkey and put it in a steamer bag with fresh local asparagus. I only added pepper and a tiny bit of butter. It was a fabulous no fuss meal. Tonight I am steaming broccoli with just a small chunk of hard aged Gouda cheese. With it I will have some large cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce that I will spice up some with horseradish. Yum! Such easy to prepare meals for hot summer days.These steamer bags are a great invention. I wish I had the patent on them. I reuse my bags at least once depending on what I have steamed in them. There is nothing to clean up and no pan of water boiling over on your stove top.


and on the side