Doors, entryways and gates on Isla Mujeres

A couple of months ago while on Isla Mujeres I took a series of photos featuring interesting doors, entryways and gates. Here a few of those photos.

Let me begin this journey by welcoming you with a beautifully tiled stairway leading to an upstairs apartment in colonial La Gloria.

This little humble casa is on Juarez in el centro. No matter how small and humble the owners took the time to paint and try to make the exterior a cheerful place. I also like the wood work on the bar/house on the right.

I just like the colors and the framing of the doors and windows on this el centro house.

Intricate screen door on an otherwise simple tienda Great color too.

This is part of Osario in el centro. Again I like the color combination and the stone planters.

This house has always intrigued me. It is very plain with some modern sleek stainless touches.

I like that inisde the front doors of this building is a courtyard with a fountain.

This is the gate to the new all inclusive hotel at the circle near Sac Bajo and Playa Lancheros. If you aren’t staying here you are not allowed on the property. Just how do they think that they can attract new potential customers if they can’t see the rooms or grounds? Off the top of my head I can’t remember the name of it but the entry way is not very welcoming.

*Updated – Isla Mujeres Palace

Big sturdy gates near Casa Ixchel on the Caribe side of the island.

I love all of the arches on these next two houses.

This house has always reminded me of a ship

The orange is a farily new paint job. I guess you paint the exterior of the room you rent. It makes a statement anyway.

Also a newer paint job. It looks like the colors for a baby boy and girl baby shower.

I welcomed you by leading you through my photos starting with the stairway and end with these great gates. They can be found on a house near Suites Cha Chi.