Last night’s birthday dinner at Pambiche

Dinner last night at Pambiche was fantastic!
To start with we had the Croquetas de camarones

Croquetas ~
Camarón ~ Pink Shrimp aromatic with fresh Mediterranean herbs.

Sorry, no photo of the croquetas but they were delicious!

I thought I ordered the Plato Cubano but I messed up and ordered the Comunista. So they brought me the meat on another dish.

Plato Cubano ~The typical Cuban plate. Adobo marinated roast pork, served with your choice of Cuban beans & rice. Dinner served with yuca con mojo.
Plato Comunista ~
The contemporary Cuban plate. Your choice of Cuban beans & rice served
with yuca con mojo and your choice of ensalada caribeña or ensalada de remolacha

Rabo Encendido ~
“Oxtail On Fire”. Tender oxtail braised in a spicy red wine sauce. Served with
arroz blanco; dinner served with frituras de maíz.

Maíz con Pollo ~
Corn and chicken stewed in a garlicky salsa roja.

Alemán ~ Coconut chocolate cake laced with saoco syrup and sandwiched with a
caramel peanut filling. Glazed with Oaxacan chocolate ganache and topped off with
typical Cuban peanut candy. Served with crema chantilly.