So what does $37.70 buy at a grocery store in Palm Springs?

Jensen’s is a locally owned family chain here in the Coachilla Valley. Yesterday I went there to buy some groceries for the last few days of my stay in Palm Springs.

Here is what I purchased for $37.70. I don’t have each item itemized because I threw away the receipt.

New York steak @ $19.99 lbs = $9.00. I would have preferred the rib eye but it was $22.99 per lbs. Then there was the aged dry beef. That Rib eye was $33 per lbs.

Special Jensen’s burger pattie, ground sirloin, pork, apple bacon and seasoning @5.85 lbs = $3.05

4 spears of asparagus

One vine ripened tomato

Diet Coke

One small serving of broccoli slaw from the deli

Gallon of water = $1.69

One ear of corn

½ cantaloupe

One bottle of Chardonnay = $9.99

For dinner tonight I grilled the NY steak, the asparagus with a little melted butter and the leftover roasted red potatoes from dinner a few nights ago. Everything was wonderful! This dinner in a restaurant in PS would probably have been somewhere around $32 just for the steak and the sides $6 or more each. So over all my grocery shopping was less than one dinner out would have been. Plus I have dinner for tomorrow night on top of it. A glass of Chardonnay in a restaurant would be at least $8.00. So I did OK. Right?

I am certainly not on a budget but why go out to eat by myself when I can prepare a great meal in and sit and watch HGTV or read while I eat?