Oregon – Where I live, the weather

This is the weather forecast for the next couple of days.

For the past couple of weeks or so the weather has been a bit unusual for the part of Oregon I live in. Most days have been in the high 90s and a few over 100 degrees. This weekend my Weather Bug program showed it to be 102 on Saturday and 104 on Sunday. I would get up in the middle of the night a few times to check the temperature to see if it was cool enough to open up some windows. Most nights/morning it was not cool enough until somewhere around 6:00 AM. Yesterday morning at 7:30 AM it was 74 degrees with 74% humidity. It is not often that the humidity is that high.My AC was running all day on Sunday. This morning around 3:00 AM I thought that I heard rain and I definitely did hear thunder. The rain came down hard for awhile and the thunder and lightning lasted until about 10:00 AM. Right now though it may only be 68 degrees it is 77% humidity.
Yesterday evening on the 6:30 PM local news they reported on the record number of people visiting the Oregon coast. On a normal weekend during the summer the drive from Portland to the coast can take up to 2 hours or more. Sunday they reported it was about a 3 – 4 hour drive depending on which route was taken.
Tara told me that a co-worker of hers just got back from Alabama and said that despite the HIGH humidity she loved the hot weather. You can have it is what I say!

There has been a record number of days this summer around 100 degrees or over. For an Oregonian to say this you know it has to be bad but we really needed the rain. There was a little rain the day before Tara and Kelly’s wedding but not enough to impact the high fire danger.

HOT Weather in PDX

It has been unseasonably HOT here in the Portland area the last few days. Even too hot to cook or even think about grilling outdoors. Hence the multiple post to this blog today. It is too hot to do anything other than sit on the couch to read or watch TV or be on the internet.

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and bought a rotisserie turkey breast at Safeway. I have only bought a turkey breast there once before and it was really good. Last night for dinner I sliced off some of the turkey and put it in a steamer bag with fresh local asparagus. I only added pepper and a tiny bit of butter. It was a fabulous no fuss meal. Tonight I am steaming broccoli with just a small chunk of hard aged Gouda cheese. With it I will have some large cooked shrimp with cocktail sauce that I will spice up some with horseradish. Yum! Such easy to prepare meals for hot summer days.These steamer bags are a great invention. I wish I had the patent on them. I reuse my bags at least once depending on what I have steamed in them. There is nothing to clean up and no pan of water boiling over on your stove top.


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