Warning! Repeat. Off to Isla

This trip I will post updates from Isla since I am taking my mini laptop/notebook with me. It will be nice to be able to check email and the internet while sitting at a bar or restaurant, maybe even in my room. I may be able to get a wireless connection from the restaurant two doors down where I eat breakfast at least 8 0r 9 times during a two week trip.

Is it wrong to take so many electronics on vacation?

  1. Smartphone, can check email and internet while in USA. Won’t use for voice calls unless emergencies while on Isla.
  2. iPod
  3. Mini laptop/notebook an Asus eeePC which I loaded up with a bunch of music from iTunes and others
  4. Of course my digital camera

Random photos

Just some random photos I have in my photo folder not included in sub folders. Some are not even photos that I took but for some reason I  downloaded them.

I do not like that I can’t add spaces between photos here so I am adding a brief note about each photo so that I can space them out.

Tara at about age three I think.


I must have liked this for some reason, maybe I thought that I would post it on my blog.


Isla gourmet dining at its finest



Some may consider my senior high school id and the other photo from that year to be antiques.


Another antique? Family Christmas card from1958.christmas-conlons-0012

Wilma’s devastation in Cancun


A great party at Mar y Sol and the requisite “back photo” a friend always has to take.


Tara and her cousins after returning from a trip to Hawaii.


Don’t we all know this person???


Girls just want to have fun. Isla Carnival 2003.