A pretty funny sort of blog site “Postcards from yo mama”

While Googling “nose piercing”  (Nose piercing will be a whole other blog post) today I came a upon this pretty funny sort of blog website. I made sure to send the URL to my daughter so she would realize I was not so bad compared to some of these stories.


yo-mama1About Postcards From Yo Momma

It all started so innocently: a Gchat conversation in which we were discussing the emails our moms send us. “I’m sending you a hilarious email my mom just sent,” typed Jessica, “because I think you will like it.” “Ooh yay,” Doree wrote back. “I love hilarious mom emails.” After we shared a good laugh over the content of that email (which, to protect what little privacy Jessica’s mom has left, we shall keep forever secret), Doree sent Jessica an email from her mom (whose contents shall, alas, also remain a mystery). “The other thing you need to know,” Doree wrote, “is she’s told me this story FIVE HUNDRED TIMES.” “That makes it better!” Jessica responded. “My mom always tells me the same stories too.”

Check it out. It is a pretty funny read!