A Saturday in my neighborhood

Or more precisely seen in downtown Milwaukie which is a little less than two miles from my home. I love the doors on this old building.

This is the park next to the library

Darkhorse Comics has grown since it’s start back in the mid 80’s. They own the rights to the Star Wars merchandise. Darkhorse has several other companies such as an entertainment company that produces movies. Another one of their companies is M Press a more mainstream book publisher. One of my niece’s best friends is an editor for M Press. My niece has done some freelance editing work for them and would love to be able to edit for them full time. But there is no position available at this time unless her friend quits whihc is likely because she loves her job. I have read two books published by M Press, Shanghai Diaries and it pre-quel Eternal Strangers. The author of these books lives about 20 miles south of Portland. My niece was the editor for Eternal Strangers.
Trust me that there are life sized Star Wars figures on display in that window.

Found in my backyard

This is my backyard on the north side of my house. During the summer my backyard gets enough sun for me if I want to sit out there and tan. However, it has enough shade that I do not have to water the grass at all. Moving into fall and winter when there are sunny days very little sun shines in the back of the house.
The yard guys mowed and blew the leaves just over a week ago. Those toadstools grew pretty darn fast in just a week. When the sun came out for a bit today I could see that the shadow of the house ends right after the farthest out toadstool.

Fall has arrived in PDX

Fall has definitely arrived. The mornings for the past week or so have been cool with temps in the high 40s or low 50s. The days though have been beautiful with temps in the mid to high 80s.It has been a bit breezy which has caused the fire danger to rise significantly.
A friend of mine and her husband moved from Portland to Kauai in 1995. During one visit with them Karen told me how much she missed the seasons changing. That fall I found three very colorful redish maple leaves and glued them to gold foil paper and framed it. I sent it to Karen as a Christmas gift. She loved it. Then they moved back to the mainland for a few years and have since moved to Roatan. Last fall I sent Karen a photo of the autumn leaves and her response was: “Thanks for the picture. One of my most treasured things is the leaves in the frame that you gave Jack and me in Kauai. I look at it every day, as it is prominently displayed in my living room.”

My fuchsia is slowly thinning out and not producing many new blooms.

The leaves on the trees are turning yellow and brown and dropping like crazy.