Wordless Wednesday – Fruit!

Milwaukie Farmer’s Market

Wordless Wednesday – Pretty in pink

A spectacularly beautiful fall day!

Previously I have written blog posts about how crappy the weather can be in Portland. I may have even ranted about it. When it rains non-stop for a week or two it can get really old. Gray skies, damp and windy days are very common most of the late fall to late spring.

This is about the weather here in Portland but it’s not a complaint. Today it was 68 degrees, blue sky; sunshine and I drove with my sunroof open. The leaves in Oregon change later than a lot of other areas of the country. Some trees have completely changed colors while others are just beginning to. It was just a beautiful fall day!

Overall I really should not complain about the Portland weather.

  • We have very little snow. Usually it only snows every couple of years or so. However, when it does snow it tends to be layered, snow, ice, snow, ice.
  • We don’t have hurricanes or tornados.
  • Summer forest fires are frequent but they are in the rural areas of the state especially southern, central and eastern Oregon.
  • We have an occasional minor earthquake but haven’t had one that caused any damage since 1993.
  • In parts of the state, even in the city sometimes there are creeks and rivers that flood due to a really long spell of rain or a fast snow melt.

So here’s what I saw today. The beautiful blue sky and the wonderful colors of the changing leaves.

Take a trip with me to the Farmer’s Market, yes again

I love the Milwaukie Farmer’s Market. Yesterday I bought some local cherries, Oregonzola cheese from Rogue Creamery, smoked almonds from Carol’s Nuts & Candies and fresh local Chinook Salmon. The man selling the fish thanks every customer for supporting local Oregon fisherman. Supporting local businesses is what the farmer’s markets are all about.

Fruits galore!

All kinds of handmade pastas

Pretty flowers

Chinook Salmon

Canby Asparagas Farms - making a huge omelet

Pork quesadilla for breakfast

It’s National Candy Month!

An article in the USA Today named the ten great candy stores in the US.

One of them happens to be Enchanté in Milwaukie, OR. Until recently the candy shop was called Milwaukie Popkorn and Candyland. The owner changed the name after her mother passed away  because her mother always thought she should change the name to Enchanté. I stopped in Saturday and congratulated the owner on getting written up in USA Today. She said it was a surprise.

I have been a fan of this little shop for years. They make the best cheese popcorn that I have tasted. For holidays I quite often buy mixed candies to take to parties or the office. This is another example of my trying to support the local businesses and economy.

“This Portland-area shop, fashioned after Parisian candy shops of the early 1900s, has captured Kaie Wellman’s (US Today author)heart. “They do little hand-packaged truffles that use three different types of black-and-white paper. You want it as much for the packaging as for what’s inside it, and that’s saying something.”

The owner of Enchanté  played a big part in organizing Art a la Carte-First Friday in Milwaukie. I haven’t been to this event yet but want to go next month. It sounds a lot of fun and good entertainment.