Portland boy Kyron Horman – Missing day seven

I am not a news reporter. I don’t have first hand facts. But I have to say that the more I read about this local Portland story the more confused I am.

Fact one

  • His stepmother dropped him off at school after visiting the science fair. Several reports said that was the last anyone saw of Kyron.


  • Kyron was in his classroom and left to get a drink of water and never came back. But then later that was denied.

Fact two

  • When Kyron didn’t get off of the school bus his stepmother called 911


  • When Kyron’s stepmother and father went to pick him up at school at the end of the day they were told that he had not been at school all day.

    These are just two of the discrepancies that I have read in the various online news reports.

    Whatever the facts are this kid needs to be found. Kyron’s case doesn’t fit the profile of the Amber Alert system so that avenue has not been used to aid in the search.