Mom’s memorial service

It was a perfect day for mom’s memorial service. The weather was great and the turn out wonderful. Full of family and friends. Mom would have been smiling.

Mom's favorite candies

Memory basket

Mom's flowers still looking beautiful

Mom’s memorial service is Sunday

Sunday June 27th would have been my mother’s 81st birthday. We are having her memorial service Sunday. We wanted to wait until all of her beautiful flowers were in full bloom and hopefully the weather would be nice. The weather forecast for Sunday is calling for sunny and 81 degrees.

Last Sunday three of my sisters, a niece and I got together to work on finalizing the plans for the memorial service. There is not going to be a formal ceremony. The memorial service will be open house style. We expect there may be as many as sixty people attending. We hope that some family and friends will speak about their memories of mom. Every family member contributed photos of mom and family to use in a slideshow. We have some great photos, some current and some very old that represent many memorable occasions of mom’s life. We are going to have the slide show running continuously on the TV in my mom’s bedroom. Mom’s Christmas toys and decorations will be displayed in her room since Christmas was her favorite time of year.

Some of mom’s favorite foods will be served. Mom always wanted KFC and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake for her birthday parties. Maybe this time we will finally get the timing of the cake just right; not too melty or too frozen when it is served. My sister Debi and a niece will be making mom’s famous potato salad. Everybody always raved about it.

It will be a tough day to get through but it will be good to have all of the family together including some from out of state. I am sure that I will take lots of photos of the gathering.